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Meet our hand-picked Leadership Team
PARTICIPANT / OWNER:  Mr. Christopher Curra – Contribution description: Business operations, S&M, development, product to market, investor relations, M&A, JV’s.

Mr. Christopher Curra has served as program coordinator and lead faculty of Richland’s Interactive Simulation and Game Design program since 2012. For the past decade, he has worked in the private sector as a 3-D artist, animator and producer in film, commercials, and video games.

He most recently served as a managing partner and head of production at Perpetual FX Creative in Addison, which he co-founded in 2005 and where he served in various roles as head of production, lead artist and animation supervisor. On the management side as the acting managing partner, he oversaw all financial negotiations and legalities, as well as national and international company operations. He also managed production on all products nationally and internationally.

Christopher has worked at other various video game companies such as Electronic Arts and Ritual Entertainment, and is accredited on 20 video game titles such as Medal of Honor Airborne, 007: Quantum of Solace, Luxor Adventures, The Office, Sin Episodes: Emergence, Galactic Bowling, Rocket Racing League, Inception: Mind Crime and Alien Monster Bowling League.

He holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts from the Savannah College of Art and Design in Computer Art in Savannah, Georgia, with a specialty in 3-D animation and we expect great things from Christopher.
​PARTICIPANT / OWNER:  Mr. Donavan Brittian - Contribution description: Legal

Mr. Donovan S. Brittian was raised in Lewisville, Texas, where he attended Lewisville High School. He is a proud alumnus of Houston Baptist University and of Southern University Law Center. From birth Donovan’s parents have always said that he would be an attorney. Therefore, they gave him an attorney’s name. Donovan has always had a passion for helping and fighting for the underdog no matter what subject it was, until the underdog came out on top. While attending law school at Southern University Law Center Donovan was a student attorney in the Juvenile Clinic, where he was able to assist young men and women to get the justice they deserved and their life back on track. Donovan has that same mind set now at Godsey Martin, where he is a litigation attorney. Donovan prides himself in making sure his clients receive the best legal service as possible and assist on making them whole again. Donovan began his legal career at Herrin Law where he dealt with bankruptcy, estate planning and business law.  

Donovan attended Houston Baptist University on a Four-Year track scholarship where he served as team captain and was a member of the FCA. Donovan is currently a member of the Texas Bar, American Bar Association, National Bar Association, and a member of Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity Inc.  

We at App To Do It Corp. are very pleased to have Donovan join the team. His decision to help young men and woman in need of assistance shows he is willing to roll up his sleeves. That kind of attitude is exactly what we look for and we feel confident with Donovan and his thoughtful approach to challenges.
PARTICIPANT / OWNER: Mr. Robert Felder, Jr. – Contribution description: Business Process Management and Operations.

Mr. Robert Felder has spent more than 30 years as a Systems Engineer and Sales Acceleration & Business Transformation Consultant for one of the major global Information Technology companies.

Robert has been instrumental in developing and managing strategic customer and partner initiatives nationally and globally in both Commercial and Public Sector industries. Some of Robert’s key roles have been customer success management, business development, program management, partner recruitment and seller on-boarding and training.

Having retired from his initial career at IBM, Robert continues to share his skills through various volunteer opportunities. Robert joined the Executive Service Corp of the Triangle area of NC as a new consultant in 2019 and has gotten involved in the assessment of infrastructure solutions that would ensure the delivery of exceptional user experiences.

Robert is also a volunteer mentor at one of the Wake County Elementary School’s ‘Boys Leadership Club’ for 3rd and 4th grade boys and volunteer consultant with Executive Service Corp of the Triangle, a nonprofit organization.
PARTICIPANT / OWNER: Mr. Corbin Miller - Contribution description: Programming

Mr. Corbin Miller is a iOS/Mobile developer from San Diego, California.

He has a B.S. Degree in Computer Engineering from U.C. San Diego, and has over 35 years of professional experience in Software Development including a few decades of Windows application development and over 8 years in Mobile application development.

This background centered around Consumer and Business/Retail applications, plus Financial applications - including
several startups in Silicon Valley and San Diego, as well as in China and Switzerland.

PARTICIPANT / OWNER: Mr. David Parada - Contribution description: Video Production

Mr. David Parada first began working in the media industry creating weekly episodes for a school news program and competing in short film competitions. 

He also owned a small part time photography gig which eventually pushed his passion for media towards becoming a renown director in the cinematic film industry. Today he now directs full time with over 10+ years of media experience in multiple industries such as sports, weddings, short films, and music videos.
​PARTICIPANT / OWNER: Mr. Nathan Hoskins – Contribution description: Video Production

Mr. Nathan Hoskins realized his passion for both business and technology at a young age running a small technology repair company and YouTube channel in 2010. 

In 2015, Nathan had graduated high school and focused his studies on digital marketing, web development, and media production. 

While attending college for computer science in 2016, Nathan began his own digital marketing company under the name Real Plan Media. By 2020, Nathan had found himself marketing full-time in several different niches focusing on lead generation and engagement under his new partnership company, Viral Compass Media.

"if you can dream it... you're App To Do It...."
PARTICIPANT / OWNER:  Mr. Vinod Pagadala - Contribution description: Programming

Mr. Pagadala is clearly one of our greatest assets. As one of the most talented up and coming software engineers in the nation, his abilities are far past his age. Technically proficient in: C#, ASP.NET, Python, JavaScript, Node JS, Microsoft Dynamics CRM, Axapta, Raspberry Pi 3, R, HTML5, CSS3, PHP, MySQL, Oracle 10G, SQL Server, Visual Studio, R-Studio, C, C++, JAVA (and the list keeps growing), his ability and desire to learn is astounding.  

Aside from Vinod completing his master’s degree this year from the University of Akron Ohio, his career success is already impressive. Vinod has a desire towards working on the artificial intelligent area of development so not only can he program; he is programming on the cutting edge of technology. Just a few of his impressive achievements are: a prototype baby monitor that not only detects and records movements, it also sends an email to the user that there is movement at that exact moment; a movie recommendation system that takes a user’s historical viewing patterns, analyzes that data and then presents other movies (similar in nature) that the user may enjoy; created an interface to access Amazon Alexa and its functionality (without having to buy the device); and lastly, created a hologram by integrating Leap Motion and Raspberry PI 3. We feel excited and fortunate to have Vinod on our team.